A Shopify App To

Clear-out weak Inventory

Discover and automatically discount slow-selling inventory.

Free & paid versions available


How it Works

Original Price

Original price before the system automatically discounts the product.

Discount Trigger

After X days with no sales, then we automatically start applying discounts in stages.

Tier Discount System

The discounts escalate until people are attracted to buy the product.


A revolutionary way to help manage and understand your inventory, sales and discounts

Helping businesses battle their bottom line by creating customized rules to automatic discount SKUs based on sales volumes.

Increase Sales by Automatically Discounting Slow-Moving Products

Create rulesets that teach our app to automatically discount your products if they have sold in X number of days. Specify discount tier levels to automatically increase the amount of the discount if the product still doesn’t make sales under the new sale price

Stay Updated with Custom Inventory Alerts

Discover products/variants that are not selling well by creating rulesets for alerts only. This is great for users who wants to manage the discounts manually and use the rulesets to get alerted for slow-moving inventory

Better Insights with a
Bird's-eye View on Your Inventory

Use our dashboards as an analytics tool for game-changing insights on your inventory. Gain the ability to sort through your inventory based on total sales, last-sold-date, quantity, tags, sale velocity, and more

Clever Uses

If you have more than 100 products, you need help managing your products and variants


InventoryHero is more powerful than having a human managing your discounts for your products and variants. You will build rulesets to automatically discount slow-moving inventory, or receive email alerts when certain variants are not selling fast enough.

Clearance Section

Use a tagging system to add tags to products that match your ruleset. Then, use a carousel on your homepage to display only products with this tag.

Discount Tiers

Use a tier system to gradually increase the discount % of the slow-moving that is detected by the system.

Email Alerts

Use our dashboard and email reports to get insights on which variants of your products that are on sale, should be sale, are doing great while being on sale.

Dashboard Insights

Get a bird’s-eye view of all inventory items that are detected by your rulesets.

Alerts-only Mode

Do you wish to be notified only and handle the discounts manually? No problem, you can do this as well.

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We welcome you to install the free version to try out the app

Basic discount logic
No. of discount level
No. of rules sets
Exclude product from discounting by tag
Start date for discount
When the discount stops
Allow / Prohibit sell out of stock
Including / Excluding : vendor (-s)
Including / Excluding : Collection
Including / Excluding : Variants of selected products
Orders to syncronise
Price : Monthly USD
$0.00$15 / Mo$25 / Mo

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Here are some of our most asked questions.

Step 1. Install the app via the Shopify App Store.
-> Depending how large your product database and order database is, it may take 30 minutes to 12 hours to install.

Step 2. Create your first ruleset.
-> Click New Ruleset (in-app left navigation menu)
-> Name your new ruleset
-> Choose the products that you want to monitor
-> Choose the numbers of days without a sale that it’ll take to trigger a Tier 1 discount.
–> Choose Tier 2 or 3 discounts if you desire.

Step 3. Save the ruleset. It will automatically process the discounts every midnight.

Yes. When you are creating a new ruleset, under step 5. you will have an option to choose email only, instead of applying a discount, when a trigger is detected.

We suggest that you don’t change the prices of your products and variants after starting an automatic discount campaign; however, if you choose to change the price of an item, it will apply the tier discount percentage (or dollar amount) to that new price.

InventoryHero syncs with your orders in real-time. If a variant that hasn’t sold in X days lands in a tier 2 discount, then the variant starts to make sales, it will stay in its current tier until the ruleset (campaign) has reached it’s end-date or hit a stock quantity stop trigger.

It can take 30 minutes to 12 hours to install the app and have it fully sync with your store’s products and orders database.

The rulesets work on a variant level. Meaning, if you sell Nike Jordan shoes and all the colour and size variants are selling well, except for the red variant, then the InventoryHero ruleset will trigger a discount or email alert on only the red variant.

We have a ruleset priority function found in the ‘List all rulesets’ screen within the app. If a product/variant matches two rulesets, it will get the discount tier of the higher priority ruleset.